Black Head Out Nose Patch
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Black Head Out Nose Patch

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Use the Speedy Solution Nose Pore Cleaning Patch for a purifying pore care. The patch removes blackheads and improves on enlarged pores. Benefits- It has strong adhesiveness to get and remove sebum, impurities, and dirt inside the pores. Minimize skin irritation with pine charcoal ingredient.

Skin Concern:

Acne, Sensitive

Skin Type:

Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily/Acne Prone, Sensitive



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Refreshes, Purifies, Reduces Pores
Witch Hazel, Aloevera, lotus extract, Pine charcoal.
"Wet your nose and area around your nose with a generous amount of water and remove the transparent film from the patch. Apply the round contoured section in the middle of the pack to the tip of nose. Stick pack closely onto skin and let it dry. Wait for 15 minutes. After checking dryness, remove dried pack slowly from the edges."
Oil Control/Pores